Game Modes


The game:

Also known as "King of the Hill" or "Point of Control" this is a fast paced game of digital tug of war. Once you have control you go from offence to defence by tagging out the other team before they can switch the "Control Point" back to their teams colour. Every time someone is tagged out they have to run back to their teams medkit to get back in the game. The team that holds the Control Point for the longest will win.

The Goal:

Your goal is to secure the "Control Point" placed out in the field by shooting it until the lights are lit up to your teams colour.


Ground War

This game puts you in the middle of the battlefield all by yourself. Also known as “Last Person Standing”, or “Lone Wolf” the idea is the same. Your goal… be the last person alive! Be careful if you make an alliance, as there’s nothing worse than getting tagged in the back by your buddy.

Search & Destroy

In this game one team is tasked with planting and arming a bomb.

Once armed the bombing team must defend the bomb from being disarmed by the opposing team.

If the bomb is defended until it detonates the bombing team wins. If the code is entered and the bomb is disarmed then the bombing team loses. This game can also be linked with domination.


Man Hunt

Hunt the stag/hen/boss/birthday boy/girl, before they reach the evac point. A large scale game up the hill and through the undergrowth.

Zombie Invasion

The game:

The Zombies are taking over. Run or work together to take them down before you become one.

Don't let them get too close. Getting hit will get you infected, and you’ll turn you into a zombie on the spot, forcing you to switch teams, and attack your friends!

The goal:

Human Team:

Kill as many zombies as you can without getting infected.

Zombie Team:

Kill and/or infect as many humans as you can.