Our parties are designed to turn everyday civilians into battle hardened war veterans with the added benefit of rations afterwards. Our hillside woodland warzone is fun for all from ages 6 upwards. The party includes an hour on the hill playing our laser tag games, followed by our hotdog food package in our rustic military base camp.

How to book

To book a party, you need at least 6 soldiers. Bring your friends, colleagues, family members, deadly enemies etc. and be ready for war. If you only have a small platoon/group, we can merge you with other bookings, which we find works rather well, as the more the merrier.

Why choose Battle Hill


You will be playing with realistic weaponry. The sound effects, laser accuracy and authentic look all add to the experience.


Battle Hill is played outdoors in our hillside woodland warzone. To be more specific, we have built 2 zones heavily influenced by Xbox and Playstation games, such as "Call Of Duty" and "Battlefield" etc. The zones have towers, trenches, sandbag walls, barrels and alike. If you like first person shooters, you will feel right at home.


Battle Hill is located right next to Gloucester Ski and Snowboard Centre. You will find fresh whole bean coffee, snacks, hot food, beer, spirits and strong wifi in our on-site bar.

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Do your staff work well as a team?

Increase their effectiveness by playing laser tag. It is proven fact that combat games like laser tagging help to build team cohesion.

Read more about this:

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"Whether the groups played one hour or six hours, there was still an increase in team cohesion.”

In the study they use video-games. Real games are even more effective.

Add more activities:

You will find the longest ski slope in England right next to Battle Hill.

Additional activities, such as ski/snowboard lessons, or tubing are all available to you when booking your corporate team building day.

Our professional instructors are there to ensure that you make the most of your time with us.

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Laser tag guns elsewhere often look like toys. They have blinking led-s and look nothing like their real life counterparts. The sensors are often on vests, which can be cumbersome and hinder game play. Forget all this when you come to Battle Hill! Our kit is just the opposite. The guns are light, very realistic and you won’t even notice the sensors on your helmet.



Our guns have a range of 250m guaranteed. Within this distance they are very accurate regardless of the weather conditions.

The system:

Laser tag works by using lasers to register hits. The weapons, sensors, flag, bomb, med-kit and all other elements are connected to a closed network. Everything that happens on the battle field gets registered. You only need to focus on shooting and survival. All the technicalities are seamlessly taken care of behind the scenes.


When the battle has ended, everyone in the group receives an email with detailed information about the game.

How to play


Before the game starts, your group need to listen to a short briefing. You will find it very useful for completing your missions. In addition there will be health and safety information to ensure that you go M.I.A. (Missing In Action), or need a chopper to airlift you out of there.

Setting up:

It only takes a few minutes to get the weapons ready. Once in the woods you can let loose like Rambo.


You need to wear your helmet and hold your gun at all times while playing. All weapons have a screen showing health and ammo, which updates instantly. The guns have built in speakers and vibration packs so you will feel and hear what's going on. Your helmet band also vibrates when you receive a hit and indicates the direction where the hit came from so you can take your revenge.


Depending on the game scenario, you either belong to a group or are a lone wolf. You are welcome to come up with any strategy that you think will work for you. Different game types have different objectives, which will be explained. To find out more about scenarios, click here. (link to scenarios page)